•HSTAR Classification System approach

The international classification systems encompasses generally 5 classes, but some private systems have fewer and some others have more, up to 7 stars / qualification levels in the Middle East for example.

HSTAR classification system is fully compatible with existing International Classification Framework, as this approach is based on the specific requirements of every National or Privet Classification system, modified complementary.

The introduction of «half (1/2) STAR» for the three higher classes / qualification levels of every existing classification system, based on a specific evaluation of service delivered, with the use of Swiss Approval International specific Mystery Guest questionnaire, is the so called HSTAR classification model, introduced by Swiss Approval International.

• HSTAR Functional specifications and quality grading criteria

HSTAR classification scheme extension is provided to classification scope from five (5) or seven (7) classes / stars today at an international frame, in 8 or 10 to ensure the correspondence between expected and received quality services from consumers.

The HSTAR eight (8) or ten (10) new classes will emerge from the current five (5) or seven (7) main categories of classification, with additional diversification of stars PLUS for categories 3, 4 and 5 stars or 5,6,7.

Thus, HSTAR classification system of the main tourist accommodation in stars is derived as follows:

5 Stars / levels Classification Table:
HSTAR Classification System, adapted on every system adopted


7 Stars / levels Classification Table:
HSTAR Classification System, adapted on every system adopted


Technical characteristics of the enclosures remain unchanged, since they relate to the legislation.

Operational (Functional) features are rather common to all levels of existing classification systems, as involving basic infrastructure and minimum safety criteria laid down by legislation and construction techniques.

Graduated Infrastructure, in line with what is happening today will continue to categorize the main tourist accommodation in five basic categories of classification, however, showed an improvement in their quality and contain new and modern views classification.

The graduated Services Criteria, are related only to «PLUS» 3 *, 4 * & 5 * or 5 *, 6 * & 7 * Classification levels, and the introduction of PLUS levels, is proposed just to enable diversification in Quality empathy and consistence during service delivery to Hospitality Guests.

It is just the HSTAR PLUS in quality service sealed by Swiss Approval International!